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Makeup bag go beyond just holding cosmetics; they also serve as versatile storage for travel must-haves such as cables, headphones, medicine, and hygiene products. Some people even repurpose them as art supply cases. Our uniquely designed curve-top bags, crafted by RP Look, are the ultimate multi-purpose solution for every home. Featuring a safety zipper and a removable leather strap for added comfort, these bags are as functional as they are stylish.


There’s more to makeup bags than meets the eye. Their main purpose is to store cosmetics, but they’re often used to carry travel essentials, like cables, headphones, medicine, hygiene products. Some even use them as art supply cases. These curve-top bags will be the top multi-purpose item in any home with your unique design. They have a zipper for safety and a removable leather strap for comfort.

.: 100% PU faux leather
.: One size: 6.3″ × 9.4″ × 3.3” (16cm × 23.8cm × 8.4cm)
.: Removable leather strap
.: Lightweight and compact
.: Black interior
.: Seam thread color automatically matched to design

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