Hair & Nail Salon Website design

     Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a nail and hair salon located in Livermore, California, to create a colorful website that accurately reflects the salon’s brand image and services.

     To begin the process, I met with the salon owner to gain a deeper understanding of their vision and design preferences. I then worked closely with the owner and her partner to incorporate the Cutie salon’s branding and color scheme into the website’s design, ensuring that it accurately reflected the salon’s unique personality and generated pink theme. 

      In addition to the website’s design, I also took nail designs and store photoshoots for the website’s pictures. This involved capturing high-quality images of the salon’s nail designs and services, as well as its interior and exterior spaces. The photoshoots were a crucial element of the website’s design, as they helped to showcase the salon’s offerings and give potential clients a better sense of what to expect when visiting the salon. Also I modeled my fingers to showcase the various nail designs painted by the Cutie-salon’s talented nail artists.

     Once the design and photoshoots were complete, I went to work on developing the website. I incorporated the photos into the website’s design, ensuring that it was visually stunning and user-friendly.