Designing a Website for Chrysalis Speech Therapy

Designing A Website For Chrysalis Speech Therapy

     Designing a website has become my newfound passion. As a website designer, I had the wonderful opportunity to create a website for Chrysalis Speech Therapy that accurately reflects Erika’s vision and expertise in therapy coaching. My main objective was to create a simple yet engaging design that clearly communicates the unique services offered by Chrysalis. The website consists of a landing page, a services page, and an about page.

     To achieve this, I carefully considered Erika’s approach to speech therapy and crafted a website that effectively conveys the benefits of working with Chrysalis. Custom-made buttons and colors were chosen based on the logo and Erika’s preferences, resulting in a cohesive and visually appealing design. By providing concise and informative content, visitors to the website can easily understand how Chrysalis can help them achieve their communication goals.

     Collaborating with Erika and bringing her vision to life through the design of her website was an absolute pleasure. I am confident that the website will serve as an effective tool to attract and engage with new clients, and help Chrysalis continue to make a positive impact in the field of speech therapy.